November 2, 2011

Another letter of correspondence. This one is a letter to my grandmother. My grandmother was in Cincinnati, Ohio at this time and I had yet to be born. There is no date on this letter but from the details I can determine that this was written shortly after my mother arrived in Poland. She had not met my father yet.

I found this one not so overtly profound. It’s profundity lies within it’s simplicity. She writes rather calmly about the fact of not having a place to live or  that it was difficult to find something as forgettable as a warm jacket. It seems as though she is slowly becoming aware of the daily oppressions that Poles had been living under for quite awhile at that time.

My grandmother would send parcels all the time. Clothing, food, etc. As things got worse, less and less packages made it through. And they were usually already opened and missing items. Letters confiscated. Contact with those outside of Poland was heavily monitored.

Dear Mom,

I’m sorry if you’re confused upon receiving so many cards, out of sequence, maybe only getting a few, and with so many different messages, requests, and instructions. Believe me, things are much more confusing here but my studies are all arranged and I can even take Latin if I want. I’m very busy trying to find a place to live and accumulating the things I need to live. I bought a winter coat. It was too expensive but I had to. But send me my black blazer and my jean jacket anyway. And my red scarf and black gloves. The things I’m asking for are the things that cannot be acquired at this time in Poland.

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