Held for a Handsome Ransom

May 10, 2015

Aren’t they pretty when they break?

Fed cake and whiskey 

Words whispered until the bend of knee smells of wilt

Don’t worry. They knew what they signed up for.

Debt of heart is made, not born.

Hard won and hardly wanted

They feed a monster not of my making.

collaboration with Joe V. Studios

collaboration with Joe V. Studios

  1. Bartlome says:

    Ann Hastings Miller – I admit I am one of her grandmothers and of cosrue think she is beautiful in any picture, but you have a gift when it comes to photographing children that captures them in the most wonderful impish, innocent and even serious (perhaps defiant) moments.We always look forward to seeing our Paige through your camera!Very beautiful memories! Thank you!

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