The Misshapen King of My Dreams

October 12, 2014

 I used to see monsters when I was little… The first one was in Berlin,

Germany. I’m not saying this as some artistic, metaphorical thing to make you think

that I am gifted or some shit. It happened. I awoke in my bunk

bed in some shit hole apartment that my mother paid for working in

German soldier bars. It was small and smelled like cat piss. I got spanked one time for

 flushing the rent money down the toilet. It looked so pretty swirling ’round and ’round.

But not to get away from the subject…. I woke up…And I felt this

teeeeeeeeny little weight on my toe. My left foot. My left foot toe.

And I peaked from the covers… slightly…. slowly…. and there she was…. watching me.

Her face wrinkled like old laundry in the washing bin

She laughed at me… She moved like saw dust and broken glass

I threw my face back into the pillow because I knew if I waited it out, my mother would eventually come in the room and she would be gone



  1. Sylvio says:

    Do you have more great aritlces like this one?

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The Misshapen King of My Dreams